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Backtoons Comic Kit Review and Bonus

Backtoons Comic Kit Review and Bonus

Here is Review of JVZOO Product with topseller status. Top Rated Review with insane article full video and image proof. Go to Full article sources for complete review. I Hope you enjoy with this Review.

Backtoons Comic Kit Review and Bonus by Shelley Penney – Create Comic Strips, Memes and Videos the Quick and Easy Way

Backtoons Comic Kit Jvzoo Wso by Shelley Penney Review

Backtoons Comic Kit by Shelley Penney is best product

Backtoons Comic Kit is NEW original work by Shelley Penney and not simply harvested like so many graphics packages today. You will go crazy over this MUST HAVE pack.Comics and cartoons have HUGE appeal, and have been steadily making a comeback. Comic nostalgia has been showing up in marketing, in games, memes and videos. There is not another collection like this anywhere. Front End focus is on comic style static graphics. OTO1 focus is on comic style animations. OTO2 offers PLR.

Then along came a BRILLIANT marketing campaign for train safety called Dumb Ways To Die, and all of a sudden marketers around the world were jumping on the comics and cartoons train. Now there are some people out there who will say… “MY SUBJECT IS WAY TOO SERIOUS FOR COMICS AND CARTOON ADVERTISING”, and my answer to that is….Is it more serious than getting run over by a train and bleeding all over the tracks? If you are one of the last people on the planet who haven’t seen “Dumb Ways To Die”, you need to look it up on YouTube. Comics are PERFECT for tough or boring or uncomfortable subjects. I mean… I just have to show a cloud with dust and lightning and stars whirling, and you know someone’s getting whooped. I don’t have to show 2 kids fighting, to talk about bullying.

Backtoons Comic Kit Review and Bonus by Shelley Penney – Create Comic Strips, Memes and Videos the Quick and Easy Way will give you a lot of benefit.

Download Backtoons Comic Kit here :

Backtoons Comic Kit Review and Bonus by Shelley Penney – Create Comic Strips, Memes and Videos the Quick and Easy Way Backtoons Comic Kit Review

Backtoons Comic Kit review

Backtoons Comic Kit

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Backtoons Comic Kit OTO / Upsell :


  • Module #1- 2000+ Comic Style Backgrounds
  • Module #2- 200+ Comic Style Square Backdrops
  • Module #3- 117 Comic words
  • Module #4- 200+ Comic Strip Elements
  • Module #5- 80 Facial Expressions
  • Module #6- Backtoons Animal Kingdom- 40 animals- 5 poses
  • each- 200 png files
  • Module #7- Comic Style Lettering
  • Module #8- Free Developer License
  • Bonus #1 – PowerPoint Comic Tutorial
  • Bonus #2 – Backtoons Comic Pals- 10 CHARACTERS- 118 IMAGE FILES
  • Bonus #3 – PowerPoint Comic Template
  • Bonus #4 – 6 Comic Strip Swipes- 3 formats- jpg, pdf, PPT


  • 8 Modules of Animated Animated Animal Kingdom Critters (600 files!)
  • 7 ELITE modules of Making Faces Animal & People Version (195 files)
  • 30 Animated Comic Action Words (90 files)
  • DEVELOPER LICENSE (Use for client work too!)
  • Bonus #1- an INCREDIBLE Instant Presenter Making Kit (hundreds of files)
  • Bonus #2- 19 modules of premium web graphics (HUNDREDS of files!)
  • Bonus #3- 10 Premium Bonus Backgrounds
  • Bonus #4- 25 Bonus Health and Fitness Animations
  • Bonus #5- 25 Bonus Home and Kitchen Animations

OTO2 – PLR of Backtoons Comic Collection
High converting sales pages, product demo videos, and sales videos plus the right to relabel, remix, and resell the product for profit, or offer as a bonus for a paid product.

Is There Any Proof That Cartoons or Comics Have A Place In Marketing?

Consider this article from Sales Force entitled 5 Reasons Why Cartoons Belong in Your Marketing Campaign

1. Cartoons are one of the most powerful involvement devices on the planet. As marketers, we’re constantly challenged to find ways to break through the clutter. Cartoons do this effortlessly…

2. Cartoons double e-mail open rates and increase engagement…
… Cartoons are also a great device to prompt viral pass-along of your campaign.

3. Cartoons add a tremendous “stickiness” factor to any campaign
When you invest in any campaign, of course you want it to be noticed, but you also want it to stick with the audience. Cartoons do that quite literally.

4. Cartoons can help you break through to VIP prospects. If you’re involved in selling or strategic business development, the ability to break through to heavily-defended VIP prospects … is critical to your success…Sandler Training tested it, for example, and generated a 100% response and 8,000% ROI.

5. Cartoons already have an impressive track record as a marketing device. They often double e-mail open rates and break through with regularity to the C-suite as contact campaigns. Beyond that, they have more than 30 years and millions of dollars worth of test experience that shows how powerful they can be as a marketing tool.

Backtoons Comic Kit Modules :

Module #1- 2000+ Comic Style Backgrounds
1280×720 HD suitable for websites, video backgrounds, ebook images, etc. Each background was designed for Backtoons by Shelley.

Module #2- 200+ Comic Style Square Backdrops
Mostly 1080×1080 HD suitable for MEMES but also for websites, video backgrounds, ebook images, etc. Each background was designed for Backtoons by Shelley.

Module #3- 117 Comic words
Who doesn’t LOVE comic words for grabbing attention fast! Once again- Original designs created specifically for the Backtoons Comic Kit.

Module #4- 200+ Comic Strip Elements
Comics aren’t all about backgrounds and faces… you need a little extra, and that’s exactly what this pack is.

Module #5- 80 Facial Expressions
Add emotion to ANYTHING! Now any image can smile, cry, or show a little tongue. Here are 80 various expressions with transparent background that you can use anywhere!

Module #6- Backtoons Animal Kingdom
40 animals- 5 poses each- 200 png files. NEVER SEEN BEFORE- BACKTOONS ANIMAL KINGDOM
Jazz up your comic and cartoon creations with high quality cartoon animals. They look great on websites, in ebooks, in memes, and in video. Cartoon animals are super difficult to find, and royalty free, high quality animals like these are super exclusive! This collection was developed for my own products and has never been released, until now. INCLUDED: ant, bald eagle, bear, beaver, bee, centipede, chicken, cow, crab, dolphin, duck, elephant, fox, giraffe, goat, gold fish, horse, jelly fish, lion, mice, monkey, moose, octopus, owl, parrot, pig, porcupine, robin, seal, shark, sheep, spider, squirrel, skunk, termites, tiger, turtle, whale, worm, zebra. (see full collection here).

Module #7- Comic Style Lettering
And now for the finishing touch

Module #8- Free Developer License
No Games Here… We include developer license with your purchase.
Use our graphics for personal and professional use. Feel free to use them in materials that you will sell.Just don’t distribute them as stand alone files.

Backtoons Comic Kit Bonuses :

Bonus #1 – PowerPoint Comic Tutorial
Take a journey with PowerPoint Guru Tracey Meagher as she shows you how to create GREAT comics and cartoon videos using only PowerPoint! Tracey is a graphic designer who has developed a 6 figure business around her expertise in PowerPoint. Follow her through 6 video trainings, in this rare opportunity to learn from one of the top PowerPoint Gurus in our niche!

It’s not a collection without characters!
As part of your Backtoons Comic Kit bonus you are going to get TEN (10) cartoon characters in a variety of different situations. There are a total of 118 character images that you can use in any media, and for any situation!

Bonus #3 – PowerPoint Comic TEMPLATE
Save time by using this PowerPoint Comic Template

Bonus #4 – 6 Comic Strip Swipes
Comic Strip Swipes in 3 formats for use in any medium include text bubbles. Edit in Powerpoint or in any image editor comic-strip-swipes.

This is a Limited Time Offer
Backtoons Comic Collection is a huge collection worth hundreds of dollars. During the launch week we will be offering this package at a special launch price. In order to get the best price possible, you MUST BUY NOW.


YES. A developer license is included with your purchase. You may use our graphics royalty free, for life, on work you do for yourself or for clients. As long as the work incorporates our images in a way that they can not be extracted separately. You may not sell or distribute any of the assets on their own.

Most of the assets are downloadable in PNG format. Other formats including animated formats of some assets are available on the OTO (upsell).

YES. After purchase you will be directed to an upsell page that has animated versions of the 80 expressions, the Animal Kingdom pack, and some action words animations like BOOM, and POW! There is a second upsell that offers the chance to purchase a PLR license to the assets you purchase, as well as site, video and sales materials.

NO. The PLR license allows you to sell the product you have purchased. It does not include any product. If you purchased the main offer, but not the animations in the upsell, and you decide to buy the PLR license, you will only have license to sell the main offer.

NO. Please make sure that you want, and can use, the product before you purchase. Once the product is downloaded, we can not get it back. Therefore there will be no refund offered.

Download Backtoons Comic Kit here :

Backtoons Comic Kit Review and Bonus by Shelley Penney – Create Comic Strips, Memes and Videos the Quick and Easy Way Backtoons Comic Kit Review

Get Backtoons Comic Kit Now! buy Backtoons Comic Kit now and you can save money and work hours. Backtoons Comic Kit comes with easy to follow instructions. You don’t need any technical experience to make these improvements. starts making you huge income month after month. Backtoons Comic Kit Jvzoo Wso by Shelley Penney Review

Yes!! I want to get Backtoons Comic Kit :

download Backtoons Comic Kit

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